NIDIS sponsors upcoming workshop on "Improving Predictive Capabilities: Closing the Gap in the Pacific"

Event date: 11/14/2019 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Export event

NIDIS sponsors upcoming workshop on "Improving Predictive Capabilities: Closing the Gap in the Pacific"

The workshop, sponsored by CPO’s NIDIS program, is part of an initiative developed by the Wilson Center, UCAR, and NOAA, to improve predictive capabilities for security risks posed by extreme weather- and water-related events. Taking place on November 14, the workshop will build on a previous workshop held in 2018, where a framework was developed that illustrates the connection between environmental drivers and those drivers traditionally included in national security-planning frameworks (i.e. political instability, transboundary/regional dynamics). The goal of this next stage of the project is to expand and improve the conceptual model and framework developed in the first workshop by applying it to the COFA states (the Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Palau) in the Pacific.

Workshop participants will apply an integrative framework for analyzing disruptive water-related events and for identifying opportunities for proactive responses to risks. Participants will focus on identifying the types of information and cross-agency coordination that is needed to deliver research and application that informs planning and response to disruptive weather and water events in the COFA states. Elizabeth Weight, NIDIS Program Coordinator, is a member of the workshop organizing committee and will attend.

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