In Loving Memory of  Dr. Stephen Piotrowicz 5 April 2018

In Loving Memory of Dr. Stephen Piotrowicz

Our dear friend and distinguished colleague Dr. Stephen (Steve) R. Piotrowicz passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on April 2, 2018. While we, his NOAA colleagues, are deeply saddened by his departure and miss him sorely, we are also celebrating his life, leadership, and remarkable legacy of scientific achievements.

6 March 2018

Leveling the Field – Tips for Inclusive Arctic Field Work

NOAA’s Climate Program Office awards $38.8M to advance scientific understanding, improve predictions, and enhance community and coastal resilience 1 November 2017

NOAA’s Climate Program Office awards $38.8M to advance scientific understanding, improve predictions, and enhance community and coastal resilience

NOAA’s Climate Program Office (CPO), a part of NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), has awarded $38.8 million for 78 new projects* in FY 2017. The projects — ranging from advancing the understanding and prediction of drought to building resilience in coastal communities — will expand the breadth and scope of NOAA’s current climate research and offers opportunities for NOAA to collaborate with outside experts and new stakeholders.

Biology and Beyond in the Arctic 2 October 2017

Biology and Beyond in the Arctic

Third article in our Summer Series

What is IASOA? 5 September 2017

What is IASOA?

Summer Series about the Arctic Research Program

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Dr. Emily Osborne
Knauss Fellow
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Americans’ health, security and economic wellbeing are tied to climate and weather. Every day, we see communities grappling with environmental challenges due to unusual or extreme events related to climate and weather. In 2017, the United States experienced a record-tying 16 climate- and weather-related disasters where overall costs reached or exceeded $1 billion. Combined, these events claimed 362 lives, and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted, costing more than $306 billion. Businesses, policy leaders, resource managers and citizens are increasingly asking for information to help them address such challenges.


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